Saturday 31st July 2021

Fruit and Vegetables

1.      Plate of 4 Tomatoes.  Any size.  One variety

2.      1 Cucumber.  Any variety.

3.      Plate of 3 potatoes. One variety

4.      Longest Runner Bean

5.      6 Dwarf/French Beans

6       3 Courgettes. One Variety

7.      2 Onions as grown.      (Clean off soil but do not trim)

8.      Any other Vegetable

9.      A vase of 4 Culinary Herbs (1 stem of each)

10.    3 stalks of Rhubarb. (Trim leaves to 3”/8cm.



11.   1 Specimen Rose

12.   5 sprigs of Lavender

13.   Any Flower. 3 stems. 1 variety

14.   1 Hydrangea stem with flower

15.   Flowering Shrub. 1 stem/branch

16.   Vase of Perennials. 3 varieties. 1 stem of each

17.   Vase of 3 White Flowers. 3 varieties (not rose or shrub)

18.   Vase of mixed Foliage. 3 varieties

Cookery and Preserves

19.   1 jar of soft fruit Jam - any size

20.   1 jar of Chutney

21.   3 Fruit Scones

22.   Victoria Sandwich with jam only filling

23.   3 pieces of Shortbread

24.   1 small Loaf of white or brown bread (hand or machine made)


25.   Pet or Pets

26.   Around your Village.   

27.   Seascape

28.   Wild Flowers


All photos must be unframed.

Min. size - 4” x 6”/10cm x 15cm

Max. size - 81/4 x 115/8 / 21cm x 29.5cm



  1. All entries in classes 1 - 18 must have been grown by the exhibitor.

  2. Entry forms and fees of 20p per entry must be brought to the Village Hall on the day between 8.30 and 10.30am.

  3. All exhibits must be staged between 8.30am and 10.30am on Saturday 31st July 2021.    

  4. 1 entry per class per exhibitor.   

  5. Judging will take place between 10.30am and 12.00noon.  The Judge’s decision is final

  6. Prize money1st - £1.50 | 2nd - £1.00 | 3rd  50p

  7. Prize money can be collected after 3.00pm on presentation of prize cards.

  8. Points will also be awarded: 3 for 1st; 2 for 2nd; 1 for 3rd.

  9. A Cup will be awarded to the person scoring the most points overall.

  10. A Vegetable Shield will be awarded to the entrant scoring most points in the Vegetable Section.

  11. Entries cannot be removed before 3.30pm.


For all enquiries please phone 

01263 834242 

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