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Southrepps Village needs your help

Are you concerned with Over Development and Traffic in our village?

This development was discussed at a public meeting back in May. The Planning Application has now been submitted and we as a village must respond.

Lang Lane Housing Proposal - 24 dwellings

This is a proposed development off Long Lane for 24 houses. The vehicles attached to this will generate around 400 extra vehicle movements per day on our village roads. This is excluding visitors and deliveries.

We all recognise this sort of picture on our High Street. Remember - an ambulance or fire engine would not get through alongside another larger vehicle either. A further 24 houses in the village will only make this worse, with even more cars, more supermarket delivery vans and more courier vans on our streets.

Traffic on Chapel Street currently

In addition we already have speed issues along the Thorpe Road. More cars will increase this problem also.

How about the approach to our village….do you really want to come along the Thorpe Market Road and see what looks like a massive housing estate in front of you? The number of roof lines added when Drurys Yard was built will be repeated to the right on an even larger scale.

This is not the end of the proposed development in Southrepps. The Local Plan is under review and there are several proposals for possible development land in the village, including the site of the farm buildings on Thorpe Road, part of the field opposite the farm buildings, part of the field down Long Lane and even Lower Southrepps. In addition to this there are two sizeable privately owned plots in the centre of the village.

We need to start responding as a village to this over development, and we can start with this application. We may not be able to stop it, but if we all write in and voice our opinion we may be able to reduce it.

Many thanks in advance for your help,

The Parish Council

You can voice your opinions in two ways


Please help by writing to the

Planning Department, NNDC, Holt Road, Cromer, NR27 9EN

(or by adding a comment online on the NNDC Planning website)

before 18th October 2017, quoting the following reference:

Ref: PF/17/1173 - Erection of 24 No. dwellings on Land off Long Lane, Southrepps, NR11 8NL


By going to the North-Norfolk website you can log your comments online.



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