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Fibre Broadband Project - Southrepps

I received a call and this email from Alex at County Broadband. He said that they had a good uptake at last weeks online meeting and he said that with the uptake of circa 40% they will be going ahead.

I thought I would share the email in case anyone was interested.

Dear Michele

In regards to the interest placed in our Full Fibre Project in Southrepps.

Last week we held our first online presentation about bringing full fibre to your village. It was a hugely successful evening with many people saying they wanted the service to be built in their respective villages. Due to this, I can now confirm that we are going ahead with the project, to bring you our full fibre network as quickly as possible to your property.

It is now VITALLY important that you show support for the project and order the service that you require so you don't miss out.

From our research, the current provision is very poor and there are no plans from other providers to rectify this with a full fibre connection.

How is it different to what I already have?

Your current provision in the area is called an FTTC connection (fibre to the cabinet). This means that there is a fibre cable from the exchange building into the green cabinet in your area, but to your home, zigzagging under the road or on poles overhead is a copper cable that currently delivers your broadband and landline service. Copper is causing a lot of problems currently such as:

· Unreliable - at certain times speeds are very low or signal is dropping out since the majority of the village is all sharing the same network.

· Copper is degrading - it was built 50+ years ago to carry phone signals not broadband.

· Working at its maximum capacity - currently the best speed anyone in the area can get is only 80mbps along a copper connection but that is a very small minority and usually directly next to the green cabinet.

· No choice of going faster - whichever provider you go with such as BT, EE, TalkTalk etc will all use the same copper cable as no one else is building a full fibre network.

· Distance - from the green cabinet hugely affects speed. The further the data signal has to face, the higher the resistance of the degrading copper.

What are County Broadband building and why is it better?

We are building a brand-new infrastructure with new fibre cables delivering a full fibre network, with no copper in whatsoever. The benefits of having a full fibre connection rather than copper are:

  • Over 10x faster speeds.

  • Much more reliable as not so much of a ‘fight’ for the network.

  • Fibre is designed to carry broadband and cannot degrade as it is a laser passing through a glass tube, so distance is irrelevant from the green cabinet too.

  • Choose how fast you want to go (slower speed is cheaper than faster speed)

  • Future proof your home - Once it is installed, you have the potential to go as fast as you would like to.

  • Add value to your home - broadband is now of vital importance when purchasing a house since the global pandemic (people working from home etc).

  • Technology within our homes is getting more advanced and faster, thus requiring faster speeds from our broadband.

  • Save money - our basic package could be cheaper than your current package for a faster, more reliable, and future proof solution.

Moving forward, to enable us to pass over to the build team and get the service built to the entire parish, we look to achieve Pre-Orders from about a quarter of the village.

This is completely free to place, we do not take bank details or do any credit checks, only details needed is simply the address of the property, name, and email address (which I already have from when you have registered your interest).

Why Pre-Order the service instead of waiting until the network has been built?

· Free standard installation (Those who join after the network has been built have to pay install costs which start at £225)

  • Free high spec router (worth £150)

  • 12 months completely free on our service whilst you see out your existing contract

  • Ensure your property is secured within our build (If we do not reach our target of 25% pre-orders for the village, we will most likely still build our network but only to those properties who have pre-ordered).

With regards to the pricing, here are our 3 current plans, all our plans are unlimited data and are symmetrical, so upload and download speed are the identical.

  1. Ultra 300 plan is currently at £28 per month, giving speeds of 300mbps (this increases to £48 after 6 months or you can drop down to 50mbps after the 6 months and stay at £28 per month)

  2. Hyper 600 is currently at £29.50 per month giving speeds of 600mbps (increasing to £55 after 6 months)

  3. Premium 900 at £80 per month giving speeds of 900mbps

With regards to the phone packages, we offer the following (no line rental due)

  1. Phone basic – unlimited landline calls for £6 per month

  2. Phone standard – unlimited landline and mobile calls for £13

  3. Phone international – unlimited landline, mobile and international calls for £17

If you would like to pre-order, you can simply reply to this email with which package you would like, and I can do the rest for you with the details already provided as we do not do credit checks or need bank details at this stage.

As you know, the above offers are time limited so if it is something you would like to move forward with, please let me know as soon as possible so I can get this logged and arranged.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch as my details are at the bottom of this email.

Thank you again for your time.

Alex Cole Community Sales Executive 07376 599239 | Old Bourchiers Hall, New Road, Aldham, Essex, CO6 3QUFind us on: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn The contents of this email are intended for the named addressee only. It contains information which may be confidential, legally privileged and protected by law. Unauthorised use, disclosure or copying of it may be unlawful. If you have received this email in error, please notify us immediately by email and then delete the original email from your system. We make every effort to keep our network free from computer viruses. However, internet communications are not secure and therefore you do need to verify that this email and any attachment(s) are free of viruses as we can take no responsibility for any computer virus which might be transferred by way of this email

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