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Latest Speed Camera Results

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We have now had the results for the speed camera, SAM2, which wash located at Gabels Avenue, Upper Southrepps. The data makes for some interesting and SHOCKING reading.


The bar chart below shows the number of cars counted at different speeds. Even though the data shows the majority of people are sticking to the speed limit. But there is still 44% of vehicles doing over 30 mph. 29 cars were doing over 60.

Shocking 85 mph !!!

On Tuesday 14 July, some "total idiot" came into our village at 85 mph. That's 55 mph over the speed limit. 2 vehicles where doing 70 mph

Please drive carefully. Protect yourself, your family and your neighbours. Please share this.

The full report can be found on the Southrepps Parish Council website. CLICK HERE

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