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Post Office Scam Emails & Messages

Dirck has informed us that he has had a couple of people come into the Post office asking about an email from Royal Mail. Both had emails of outstanding charges to pay and asks them to pay by card.

Dirck says "It is a scam, if a outstanding charge is to be paid, firstly they would send a silver/grey card with the charges on (via Andy our Posty) and secondly, they would bring the card to the Post Office. Where they would buy stamps to cover the cost and I would forward the card back to Sheringham sorting office."

This is happening more and more, if you are unsure in anyway, always pop in to speak to Dirck.

This is a link to the current scams that Royal Mail have said are out there. https://personal.help.royalmail.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6905/~/what-email-%2F-text-%2F-facebook-message-scams-should-i-be-aware-of%3F

Stay safe online, if you are unsure never click the link. Go directly to the the companies main website or call them direct to check. Never give you bank details, payments to anyone, how ever convincing they are.

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