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Update on 20 mph in Southrepps

Preliminary consultation responses.

Of the total 53 responses received from the residents of Southrepps, 48 were in approval of the scheme, resulting in an 90.6% approval rate. Assuming that the remainder of the 191 consultees that chose to not respond are also in agreement (as per the original consultation letter), this figure stands at 97.4%.

The scheme also has full approval from the following:

• North Norfolk District Council

• Norfolk Constabulary

• Councillor Timothy Adams

The following were consulted, but did not respond:

• National Farmers Union

• Norfolk Fire Service

• East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Build-out locations

Build-out locations have been discussed with Norfolk County Council’s Network Safety Team to ensure their positions will work most effectively within the scheme. Alternative locations were considered but ultimately deemed unsuitable from a safety standpoint.

Vehicular access to residential and commercial properties

Detailed topographic surveys will be undertaken to the vicinity of proposed build out areas, and vehicle swept path analysis tracking carried out on specialist software to ensure vehicular ingress/egress can be effectively achieved to all residential/commercial accesses and highway junctions.

Flow of agricultural vehicles

Build-outs are to be designed to the required standards allowing sufficient road widths for all vehicles to pass. The scope for abnormal farm vehicles is already limited by the narrow section on Chapel Street between the out-building to The Vernon Arms and Crown Cottages.

Drainage Issues

Drainage will be taken into consideration as part of the detail designs for the scheme.

Clipped Hedge Lane.

Clipped Hedge Lane

Some consultees queried why Clipped Hedge Lane is not included within the scheme proposal. The criteria for inclusion into a 20mph zone, as stated in the Norfolk County Council Speed Management Strategy is as follows ‘these limits would be appropriate in areas of high concentrations of vulnerable road users, such as in busy shopping areas or some village centres and residential areas’.

Given the characteristics of Clipped Hedge Lane, it is felt that the criteria for introducing a 20mph zone is not met here

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